Headphone room echo experiment

If you have some headphones, try this experiment. Get any track (a full song), put it on an audio track and load in like 6 to 8 bog standard, no nonsense delay plugins. Set the first one to a 1ms delay (no feedback or filtering), something like 80/20 dry/wet mix, then on the next set it to 3ms, 85/18, then 5ms 88/15, 7ms 90/13, 10ms 92/10 blah blah …. so a bit longer delay (2-3ms) and a bit less echo each time. Make sure they are all bypassed/turned off.

(Note: I know the time values, but I’m pulling the wet/dry numbers out of thin air – it will do the job and make the point though)

Now hit play and turn on the plugins one by one. Switch them all on/off at once.

That’s what your room does to what you hear from your speakers. Except we’re talking hundreds of echoes, not 6-8….

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