Unashamed Gyraf fanboy post

I write this as I come more-or-less out of the busiest period of my career. It’s not quite over yet, but bloody hell have I put a shift in.  At one point I was very close to a month’s worth of work behind.

Anyway, I’ve just been feeling immense satisfaction and gratitude that someone, somewhere makes equipment that suits my approach and my mentality. More importantly, along with my other gear, it’s helped me do a phenomenal amount of work, with everything sounding absolutely gorgeous.

I think the following bit is what really made me want to write this post; Why the G21 Infunidibulum doesn’t get a *huge* amount of love from the mastering community, I have no idea. I really don’t get it. It’s brilliantly conceived, arguably the most ingenious box on the market (I mean, come on!), ridiculously useful, and it sounds the absolute business. Maybe it does get love, I dunno. It should get more though.

The G14 is the first ‘marquee’ bit of gear I bought way, way back, and gets used every day. I know it inside out. It’s practically now an extension of my hand, my mind, my ear. And it sounds the business.

And now the G22, which is some kind of Vari-Mu-API-2500-on-steroids; which is equally at home on wild dubstep as it is on delicate, dark jazz. And today, on kazoo 🙂

So there you go. Once upon a time I’d get way more romantic about the gear but, really? They’re just excellent, top grade tools. This post is a public thank you to Jakob and co, for making great gear that makes my life easier and my work better.  Thank you.

Now get working on that mastering router. Chop chop…

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