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Kii Three speaker review

The Kii Three is a new speaker on the market, the brainchild of Bruno Putzeys and friends. There are some reviews floating about, but with the Three being such a new product they’re a bit thin on the ground, and mostly first impression ‘reviews’ conducted in hotel rooms and conference halls. I thought I’d add my take on these speakers, […]


Why I’d rather add than cut bass in mastering 

Right from the word go, I’d like to stress one thing very heavily; I’d rather receive stuff that sounds right, and doesn’t need me to do anything. I’d rather there wasn’t any doubt about how the artist wanted it to sound. If I don’t have to do anything then that’s a bonus – at least […]

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Important things

Here’s a list of things I consider important when building a mix, divided into ‘tiers’. I might add to/fiddle with this over time, but I’ll put it up now as it’s been saved in draft for a year or something. I wanted to get this up so I can refer to it in future articles. Gold level: – Sound selection […]

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Overprocessing: eq

[Note: I’ve been meaning to write this article for almost two years. The question just came up so I’ve included my response here, to kill two birds with one stone 😉 ]   “…if you have any advice to help me catch problematic eq problems before i send off to you to master let me know. I […]

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