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Yet more on sidechaining

[Snipped from an email response to someone from whom I requested a revised mix with less compression] Ok so, it isn’t always easy to say what’s causing what from this end. Trying to do detective work like CSI or something, figuring out what happened after the fact. But really it’s pretty simple. The track […] sounds like […]

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‘My tunes aren’t as loud as my friends”

[Note: This is a copy of an email reply to a bloke that got in touch in a real state, very upset that despite 2 years of picking apart other people’s mixes and spending thousands of euros on plugins, his mixes weren’t as loud as his friends’. My reply is copied here with his permission.] […]


Things you might be doing wrong (pt.1)

Time for the first real post. ‘Things you might be doing wrong’ will be a regular feature on this blog. I already have a load of these written, I’ll be writing more as they crop up, and I’ll publish them periodically. Before I get into the meat and potatoes though, a few disclaimers, caveats and […]

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