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Brief notes on MS stuff

[Another one from an email. I have edited my reply just a little for clarity] “Do you do Mid/Side type processing when you master? Like, compress it separately maybe?” ….. it depends. It all always depends. MS is The Big Thing atm, like sidechaining has been, MB compression before that… it will pass. Just another […]


Kii Three speaker review

The Kii Three is a new speaker on the market, the brainchild of Bruno Putzeys and friends. There are some reviews floating about, but with the Three being such a new product they’re a bit thin on the ground, and mostly first impression ‘reviews’ conducted in hotel rooms and conference halls. I thought I’d add my take on these speakers, […]


Why I’d rather add than cut bass in mastering 

Right from the word go, I’d like to stress one thing very heavily; I’d rather receive stuff that sounds right, and doesn’t need me to do anything. I’d rather there wasn’t any doubt about how the artist wanted it to sound. If I don’t have to do anything then that’s a bonus – at least […]

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G21 Infundibulum review – addendum/update

I’ve been meaning for quite some time to write an addendum/update to the G21 review, with another year or so under the belt with it. And a friend asked about it, so it seemed like the right opportunity to do so. Really the main thing I want to get across when I think about that […]


How to prepare a mixdown: Shortest version ever

‘Looking at the song I have to send, the RMS is about -17db  and there are a handful of peaks that go above -2db. Some reach -1.3dB. Should I have everything lower than -6db before sending to you?’ No need to overthink it. There are only two questions to ask; – Does it sound how […]


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‘My tunes aren’t as loud as my friends”

[Note: This is a copy of an email reply to a bloke that got in touch in a real state, very upset that despite 2 years of picking apart other people’s mixes and spending thousands of euros on plugins, his mixes weren’t as loud as his friends’. My reply is copied here with his permission.] […]


Overprocessing: eq

[Note: I’ve been meaning to write this article for almost two years. The question just came up so I’ve included my response here, to kill two birds with one stone 😉 ]   “…if you have any advice to help me catch problematic eq problems before i send off to you to master let me know. I […]

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Mixing into whatever – a rant

I’ve had enough. Just stop it, people. Please. More and more and more, people are telling me ‘I got the mix perfect, and took off all the master processing to help you out’, then wondering why the master I provide based on the mix they’ve sent, which they’ve said is perfect, sounds totally different to what they […]

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Gyratec G21 Magneto-Dynamic Infundibulum review

[Note: I have written an addendum/update to this review, about a year later. You can find it here.] I haven’t exactly been asked to write a review of the Gyratec G21 Magneto-Dynamic Infundibulum, but there have been a lot of questions about it from interested people. It made sense to write a review that I, or […]


The Cake

I make a lot of food analogies when I’m talking about mixing, mastering and whatnot; I make no apologies for that. Food analogies are great for a number of reasons; – they are universally understandable – they are often actually more relevant and accurately descriptive than they first appear – they give you ideas for […]