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Mixing by peak numbers

It’s impossible to mix by numbers. Reading your message and taking it to a ‘logical’ (ish) conclusion, one could hypothetically mix by turning off the speakers, setting the numbers so they read the right values and calling it finished. Obviously this is daft – it’s way way way way way way (you get the idea) […]


Mixing into whatever – a rant

I’ve had enough. Just stop it, people. Please. More and more and more, people are telling me ‘I got the mix perfect, and took off all the master processing to help you out’, then wondering why the master I provide based on the mix they’ve sent, which they’ve said is perfect, sounds totally different to what they […]

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Things you might be doing wrong (pt.1)

Time for the first real post. ‘Things you might be doing wrong’ will be a regular feature on this blog. I already have a load of these written, I’ll be writing more as they crop up, and I’ll publish them periodically. Before I get into the meat and potatoes though, a few disclaimers, caveats and […]

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