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Mixing into buss processing (or, ‘More about the Cake’)

[…..] The cake is just an analogy to get people thinking about why and how they are doing what they are doing. I hear about a lot of illogical, suboptimal, inefficient, bad-sounding approaches that this simple analogy remedies. So it’s not a perfect description of all things related to sound 😉 Having said that, the […]


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How to prepare a mixdown: Shortest version ever

‘Looking at the song I have to send, the RMS is about -17db  and there are a handful of peaks that go above -2db. Some reach -1.3dB. Should I have everything lower than -6db before sending to you?’ No need to overthink it. There are only two questions to ask; – Does it sound how […]


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Important things

Here’s a list of things I consider important when building a mix, divided into ‘tiers’. I might add to/fiddle with this over time, but I’ll put it up now as it’s been saved in draft for a year or something. I wanted to get this up so I can refer to it in future articles. Gold level: – Sound selection […]

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Things you might be doing wrong (pt.1)

Time for the first real post. ‘Things you might be doing wrong’ will be a regular feature on this blog. I already have a load of these written, I’ll be writing more as they crop up, and I’ll publish them periodically. Before I get into the meat and potatoes though, a few disclaimers, caveats and […]

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