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How to prepare a mixdown: Shortest version ever

‘Looking at the song I have to send, the RMS is about -17db  and there are a handful of peaks that go above -2db. Some reach -1.3dB. Should I have everything lower than -6db before sending to you?’ No need to overthink it. There are only two questions to ask; – Does it sound how […]


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Unashamed Gyraf fanboy post

I write this as I come more-or-less out of the busiest period of my career. It’s not quite over yet, but bloody hell have I put a shift in.  At one point I was very close to a month’s worth of work behind. Anyway, I’ve just been feeling immense satisfaction and gratitude that someone, somewhere […]

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Important things

Here’s a list of things I consider important when building a mix, divided into ‘tiers’. I might add to/fiddle with this over time, but I’ll put it up now as it’s been saved in draft for a year or something. I wanted to get this up so I can refer to it in future articles. Gold level: – Sound selection […]

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Quick note regarding this blog

Wotcher all. I hope all seven (eight?!) people reading this are doing well… Anyway – the addition of content has been painfully slow, I know. I wanted to write everything perfectly, have it all logical and beautifully presented, and generally be a collection of articles discussing this that and the other. However, I’m unfeasibly busy, […]


Same point as always

[part of an email response written to someone mixing into the dreaded PSP vintage warmer] Personally I wouldn’t chase new comps/fx etc, until you really know WHY you need a certain different kind of eq/comp. Get to know the stuff you have. Obligatory Bruce Lee quote: ‘I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 […]

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On buying new monitors

Regarding monitoring, I don’t recommend any specific speakers, but I would *always* recommend spending a third of the budget (and some time) on room acoustic treatment. It’s nowhere near as sexy, and can be frustrating as well as time-consuming, but it is a thousand times more important. And when you fix your room, you realise […]